who we are

About the Inclusion Network


Our mission

Breaking barriers. Honoring differences.

Our vision

To be a community that expresses kindness, and accepts and values all.

Our values

-Governing and pursuing our mission with dedication and intent, ever mindful of the responsibility we carry. 
-Graciously welcoming all to the conversation. 
-Speaking out and speaking up.
-Respectfully taking courageous action.
-Collaborating through differences.
-Genuinely listening and learning.

Our history


Group Formed

In 2003, a group of dedicated, passionate people came together with a common goal: to make Alexandria and the surrounding communities an inclusive and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds to live and work. This group of volunteers included community members, personnel from the local college, local businesses, non-profits and schools who formed the Diversity Resource Action Alliance (DRAA) with the goal of strengthening the community of Alexandria through an appreciation and understanding of diversity and cultural differences.



First Event

The first community based-event was held in 2003 with a community conversation: Recognizing and Appreciating Differences: Increasing our Cultural Competence. This event was well attended by the Alexandria community as well as local city and county officials. The city of Alexandria created a formal Cultural Inclusive Committee as a result of this event.



Name change

In 2012, DRAA changed its name to the Inclusion Network (IN) to connect more closely with its broad mission. The Inclusion Network views the road to an inclusive community as a natural and healthy path to progress.



501c3 Status

In 2021 the Inclusion Network worked with a consultant to become an official 501c3 organization. Programming was paused while we formed a Board of Directors and worked on building a solid foundation for the Network to build on.



continued growth

As the Inclusion Network continues to grow in size and focus, we will continue to offer educational opportunities to the general public, community organizations and businesses. Inclusion is about dignity and respect - that which we all desire. The Inclusion Network is committed to working with people of all backgrounds in bridging differences and highlighting the importance of human appreciation, empathy, optimism and understanding.


what we do

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    We do customized training, individualized for each setting, with groups ranging from 10-100 attendees. We do anything one-hour Lunch & Learns, to “A Taste of Diversity” (minimum of 2 hours) to multiday training for your business, organization, church or service group.

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    Special Events

    From time to time, the Inclusion Network hosts special events of interest to the community such as the Mixed Blood Theatre, 10,000 Things Theatre, special speakers. The Inclusion Network hosts cultural celebrations as well.

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    Voices Talk Show

    Voices is a series that explores tough conversations that affect our society. From racial tension to disabilities and mental health. Voices aims to bridge the gap between the voiced and those who feel voiceless.

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    Everyone is Welcome Here Campaign

    The campaign is intended to engage local businesses and organizations to display signage recognizing and welcoming all individuals despite their differences. The primary goal of the campaign is to make Alexandria a more welcoming community as it pertains to diversity and difference.

Our board & committees

Meet the members of the Inclusion Network board. 

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