Scott Keehn

With a degree in Sociology & Religion, Scott became an ordained minister in 1980 and has worked in six churches of varying sizes since then. Serving a congregation is the very definition of working with people. Scott says, “I take pride in knowing that I have grown in terms of my ‘people skills’.

Scott and his wife have two children; son Jeremiah and daughter Naomi. They adopted Naomi from Korea in 1996. As a result, Scott has witnessed first-hand the challenges that can go with being a minority. Being “different” is not always positive and has at times brought pain and discomfort to the family. The experience of loving and raising a Korean-born daughter gives Scott a heartfelt feeling for the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. Even as he is in his fourth decade of marriage, Scott keeps welcoming change; “I know that I will continue to grow – by trial-and-error if necessary –to prepare me for the next phase of professional growth.” 

Scott enjoys photography, videography and putting together Power Point presentations. He also enjoys staying on the cutting edge of Diversity and Inclusion developments and volunteers his free time when he can. Scott is a pillar in the community and a blessing to those around him.

Areas of Expertise
  • Diversity 101
  • New Conversations: Uncovering Five Myths That Support Racism Facilitator